5 september 2008

De mandala groeit verder

Intussen is de mandala al aardig gegroeid. Het is voor mijn gevoel nog een beetje een geheel van losse delen en daar wil ik nog verandering in aanbrengen. Ergens krijg ik nu toch een beetje het gevoel dat het ergens op gaat lijken.

The mandala is growing. It is a piece with loose parts, as I look at it. So I want to work on that. But I get the feeling that I am getting somewere.

2 opmerkingen:

Bethel of Bethania zei

G'day Corryna,
I've come to visit from Linda's blog ... had to pop on & say how much I love your mandala - the colours are so rich as is the beading & hand sewing ... look forward to seeing it finished ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

Lynn zei

such beautiful tiny perfect stitches. I am so impressed.
And how you covered the button with threads and beads is wonderful. So many shapes and I love how it moves, my eye wants to follow the paths you have created here, wondering too where they will lead.