5 september 2008

I love your blog award

I have received an 'I Love Your Blog' award from Linda! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much Linda.

Here are the guidelines...
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Link to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate seven blogs you love to read
4. Link to those blogs
5. Let those bloggers know with a comment that they've been nominated.

On the right side of my blog, in the menu - links, you can see the blogs I visit often. The ones I love the most and that will be given the award by me are:
  1. Beate, for all the fantastic art she makes with felt
  2. Cramzy, for her colourful patchwork and needlework
  3. Jacqueline, for the art she makes and the many experiments
  4. Jude, for the way she makes something beautiful out of anything
  5. Laura, for the fantastic fabric she makes by dying, stamping, etc...
  6. Sandra, for the wonderful quilts she makes. Stunning!
  7. Waltraud, for the beautiful little works of art, in wonderful colours

4 opmerkingen:

Beate Knappe zei

how wonderful congrats and thank you to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmy zei

dank je wel wat leuk ben er erg blij mee

Jacquelines blog zei

Dank je wel Corryna en gefeliciteerd met je award!

jude zei

congratulations and thank you so much, this award is rally spreading around.