30 augustus 2009

Frederiksoord: expositie, quiltroute en quiltmarkt

Today I went with a friend to Frederiksoord, where we went to a quilt market, quilt exhibition, and quilt route. The weather was cloudy, but we were lucky, because it almost didn't rain. It was very well organized. There were a lot of quilts to see and there was a lot you could buy. And we did :-). The quilt route was in the small village. We walked along the 'Kolonie' houses, walked through the gardens and through the woods. There were quilts everywhere. It was lovely.
I didn't want to buy fabrics, but fell for it again. I bought some wonderful fair trade fabrics and fabrics of 'Paapje'. I hope to make a wonderful bag out of the Paapje fabrics. I also bought a new ruler. Now I have two. This will make my live easier :-). As all things do, that I buy to make quilt LOL.

There were a lot of tents with shops in it. Of course Laura and Annette were there too, with the Trapsuutjies paint and the project Colours of Africa (by the way, you can still contribute for the good couse).
We also met Emmy today. She was all in style, wearing a wonderful jacket she bought from Annette.

This is one of the 'Kolonie' house you could go in to, to look at the quilts they hang there.

3 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

Looks like you saw some amazing art work there...love the concept of the village hanging art in houses and in the woods as well. And I do love those thatched roofs! How quaint.

AnneJeu zei

Bedankt voor de reclame!!!LOL
groetjes en tot vrijdag,

Margeeth zei

Dat ziet er gezellig uit.