4 september 2009

Batik fun day

Vandaag hadden Willy, Sandra, Jacqueline, Laura, Annette en ik een Batik fun day. Emmy zou er ook bij zijn, maar zij werd helaas ziek.

Today Willy, Sandra, Jacqueline, Laura, Annette and I had a Batik fun day. Emmy was to join us too, but she couldn't come, because she was ill.

Hier boven kun je een aantal lappen stof zien, waar we aan gewerkt hebben.

Above you can see some of the fabric we worked on today.

This is Willy, having fun painting with wax.

Here is an overview.

Here you can see Annette and Sandra.

And this is Laura.

6 opmerkingen:

Sandra zei

Was leuk he!

Lynn zei

Oh please give a tutorial on how you did this!!!!


Looks like lots of fun all working together. The fabrics are great!

Carolyn ♥

maggi zei

You have some lovely designs here and obviously had fun creating them.

MargaretR zei

I loved seeing you all together like that! You are enjoying it all so much, just like my SerenTex group and having a lot of fun at the same time.

MargaretR zei

I hope Emmy is better soon.