1 juni 2010

KISS challenge

Hier zie je een klein stukje van mijn quilt voor de KISS challenge. De quilt die nog niet klaar is. Ik hoop dat ik deze nog kan afmaken, zodat ik de quilt helemaal kan laten zien.

Here you can see a little piece of my quilt for the KISS challenge. The quilt that is not finished yet. I hope I am able to finish it, so I can show you all of it.

4 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

I adore all of those tiny seed stitches so delicately done.
I also like the new banner...happy to visit again with the woman/tree and the long horned ram. I do not think or recall having seen the lady in the red dress. Where might I see that closer up please?

Hope all is well with you!

Sally Westcott zei

I really looking forward to seeing the whole quilt! The KISS Challenge has been fun! It also stretched me!


Jane LaFazio zei

what a wonderful piece, and great idea for a challenge.

custom essay zei

very beautiful!