14 februari 2011

Willy's blog

Willy heeft sinds een tijdje ook een blog. Ik zat met Willy in de groepen Dutch Bag Ladies en Texplosions. Zij maakt hele mooie quilts. Kijk zelf maar eens: Willy's blog.

Willy has her own blog since a while. She was also a member of the groups Dutch Bag Ladies and Texplosions. Her work is wonderful. Check it out: Willy's blog.

3 opmerkingen:

Judy zei

Hey Corryna!
Hope this finds you well!
Thanks for the link to your friend Willy's blog. I enjoyed reading it.


Lynn zei

What a sweet thing for you to do. Today we are celebrating Valentine's Day...love everywhere!
You are such a loving being. I will check out Willy's blog.

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