11 april 2008

Arte y pico Award en nominatie

Tjonge wie had dat gedacht. Krijg ik zo ineens van Sandra de arte y pico award en van Jacqueline en Sandra een nomination for the blog "that brought her inspiration and made her appreciate the blogosphere!". Sandra en Jacqueline bedankt hiervoor. Erg leuk om te krijgen. En ook om weer door te geven. Ik geef beide graag door. Liefst geef ik ze ook weer terug aan Sandra en Jacqueline. Sandra, omdat ze hele frisse en kleurrijke ontwerpen maakt die ik erg mooi vindt en Jacqueline die altijd weer iets bijzonders weet te maken van wat dan ook. Bijzondere structuren, ontwerpen en noem het maar op. Heel inspirerend. Ik hoop dat zij het waarderen en ik begrijp het ook dat ze de award/nominatie niet blijven doorgeven, als ze hebben hem zelf al gehad hebben, maar desalniettemin. De waardering is er en blijft er.

Who would have thought about it... Sandra just gave me the arte y pico award and Jacqueline gave me a nomination for the blog "that brought her inspiration and mad her appreciate the blogosphere!". Thank you both for this. It is nice to receive these. And it is nice to pass them on. And as much as I like to do that I would want to give them to Sandra and Jacqueline as well. To Sandra, because she makes fresh and colourful designs that I really like. And Jacqueline because she can make something nice out of ... you name it. Special structures, designs, what ever. Very inspiring. I hope they appreciate it. I do understand it if anyone who will get this award again or the nomination, will not pass it on again. But still I appreciate their work.

Hier de tien mensen met de blogs die ik het liefst bezoek:
Here are the ten people with blogs I visit the most:

  • Barbara - Very creative in so many ways. I want to make things like she does.
  • Beate - I love the work she makes. Very inspirational
  • Cramzy/Emmy - One of the best fiber artists in The Netherlands
  • Jacqueline - Inspirers me and because she tries a lot, I try more too. Open en willing to share what she knows.
  • Maggie - I still try to figure out how she makes the nice things she makes. Real art.
  • Peggy - Peggy showed me on her blog how wonderful small art (siggies) can be.
  • Sandra - Beautiful fibre art in bright colours and a nice person to 'talk' to
  • Sara - Because her designs are so sweet en fairytale..
  • Waltraud - One of the best fibre artists in Germany. I want to have what she makes ;-)
  • Wietske - Special designs with great home dyed fabrics. Wonderful curves and lines in her work.
1)You have to pick 5 blogs who deserve this award for their creativity,design,interesting material and contribution to the blogging community no matter what language.
2)Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to the blog to be visited by everyone.
3)Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and the link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4)Award winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of arte y pico blog Llinked in my title) so everyone will know the origin of this award (cut and paste the info into your blog to make things easier)

5 opmerkingen:

Peggy zei

hanls so much for award.

Peggy zei

Hello Corryna
thanks so much for nominate and your understanding words. I know and I hope the time will goes away.
sorry, the first words are wrong

Waltraud zei

Hi Corryna,
thank you so much for this wonderful award, its a great honour for me.

Sara zei

Thank you so much for the award! :-)

Emmy zei

wauw ik voel me zeer vereerd door je lieve woorden