17 augustus 2008

Another bag for a nintendo DS

Dit is het tasje vlak voordat ik het inelkaar heb gezet.
This is the bag, just before I assembled it.

Voorkant - Front

Achterkant - Back

Doordat we nu twee nintendo's in huis hebben hadden we behoefte aan een nieuw tasje. Dit is het tasje wat ik gemaakt heb.

Because we now have two nintendo's in our home, we needed an other bag for it. This is the bag I made.

8 opmerkingen:

Emmy zei

je tasje ziet er weer erg vrolijk uit

Sandra zei

Leuk tassie!

Judy zei

Another lovely bag! Are those fabrics your own hand-dyes?


Lynn zei

At first I was sure it was a wall hanging hanging out there on the bush as it were...so much to see on this piece...and then folded over to make a purse/holder is wonderful again, anew. I like all of it's parts and techniques used here. Well done. Great colors. Nice texture.

corryna zei

Thank you all for your comments. These fabrics are not hand-dyed. It is felt with wool and chiffon. I made it with the help of my embellisher and sewing machine.

jenclair zei


jude zei

i like it before and after.

Waltraud zei

Schön geworden,