7 augustus 2008

Back from Holidays

A few days ago we got back from Holidays. We went to Neufchateau in Belgium. We had a wonderful time and I made a lot of pictures. I think I will show some in the next week. I had little time to work on my quilts, but made some progress with the mandala quilt I am making for the Dutch Bag Ladies. You can see what I did on the picture above.

4 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

I like your use of tulle. This is an intriguing piece...i yearn to see it grow. (or the rest of it)...
Glad to see you back and nice you had a good holiday. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

jude zei

this is very interesting....very different.

corryna zei

I find this a really difficult piece to work on. I am searching for the right way to make is nice. As in: liking it myself :-).
Will continue...

jenclair zei

I like the colors and the organic nature of this piece!