6 oktober 2008

Dutch Bag Ladies

Foto van alle quilts - gemaakt door Emmy (Cramzy)

Vandaag hadden we van de Dutch Bag Ladies een show en tell bijeenkomst bij Willy thuis. Het was de eerste keer dat ik alle leden zag, behalve dan Ina, want zij was ziek en kon daardoor niet komen. Ina, ik hoop dat je snel weer opknapt.

Het was leuk om iedereen te zien en om de prachtige quilts in het echt te kunnen aanschouwen. Ik heb zo veel geleerd vandaag en ik ben zo geïnspireerd. En het was heel erg gezellig.

Sandra gaf ons het materiaal voor de volgende uitdaging: storm. Nu weet je dus dat de naam van onze groep hoort bij het tasje waar het materiaal in zit, met de uitleg van de opdracht. We maken niet pers├ę tassen. De stofjes zijn door Sandra zelf geverfd en ze zijn prachtig. In gedachten heb ik al een idee om uit te werken voor de quilt. Willy heeft ons enorm verwend met lekker eten en drinken. Zo kregen we heerlijke broodjes met van alles er op, onder andere kroketten. Wat een verwennerij. Willy nogmaals bedankt voor je gastvrijheid. En ook de anderen wil ik bedanken voor deze leuke dag!

Today the Dutch Bag Ladies had a show and tell meeting at Willy's. It was the first time I saw all the members, except for Ina who was sick and couldn't come. Ina, I hope you'll feel better soon. It was so nice to meet everyone and to see their fantastic work. I learned so much today and got so inspired. And it was 'gezellig' - sorry, there is no English word for gezellig. Gezellig is the feeling you get or is just what you call it when it feels good to be at a place, with nice people, with wonderful conversations, in a nice setting and ... . I hope you know the feeling of gezellig. Sandra gave us the material for our new challenge: storm ( so now you know that we don't necessarily make bags, but the name points to the bag that contains the challenge and material). I really like the fabrics she gave us and I am already thinking about a way I will work with this theme. Willy spoiled us with lots of food - cakes, bread with kroketten (is there an English word for this) and other tastfull breads. I want to thank all Dutch Bag Ladies for the gezellige day :-).

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Emmy zei

het was inderdaad heel erg gezellig en ik vond al de tasjes en quiltjes die je mee genomen had zo mooi jij kan er wat van heel fijn dat je er bij gekomen bent een hele aanwinst

Lynn zei

Corryna, I am envious of your "gezellig day" with the Dutch bag ladies! What marvelous work they all produced/created for the Mandala challenge. Wow, Wow, Wow...each one so beautiful and amazing. That big one on the right has so much in it. I could not stop looking at it. All are lovely including yours which I have commented on before now. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for Storm. Does one person buy all the supplies for everyone there?
A different person each time?
Do you add to them or not?
Curious here.
Again, thanks for sharing this beautiful work. I am so impressed with them all.

Heather zei

First of all I must congratulate you in conducting a bilingual blog! It takes me all my time to cope in my mother tongue! I love to see the work of the Bag Ladies -and what a lovely word gezellig is. Definitely the word for blogging and being aloud to share in everyone's beautiful work. I love the triangular pieces you show, and the ATC's too - thankyou.

corryna zei

Lynn, I was just as impressed by it as you. It is such an honor to be a member of the Dutch Bag Ladies.

Does one person buy all the supplies for everyone there? - yes. The members pay for it, so the one person does not have to bear all the costs.

A different person each time? - yes
Do you add to them or not? - this time we may add to the fabrics we received. But sometimes it is not allowed. The one who decides what theme we will work on, will tell us what the rules are.

corryna zei

Heather, thank you for your comment. It is not easy to write in two languages, but I know there are so many readers from other countries, and this is my service to them. And I must say that it is good for me, because I think it will improve my English. Both understanding as writing. It is nice to read that you like what I have created. Thank you so much. I will visit your blog.

Heather zei

I love the work of the Dutch Bag Ladies and thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am not a book binder and don't know how to do it properly. I just stitched each group of pages down the spine and disguised this stitching with more decorative stitches on the outside. It seemed to work OK. If the book had been all paper, I probably wouldn't have got away with it.

Lynn zei

Thanks for all your answers to my questions...waiting to see more of your beauties.