29 oktober 2008

En wat nu? - What to do next?

Dit is een boom in de mist. Ik heb deze gemaakt als een proefje en heb me niet gerealiseerd dat de achtergrond stof een beetje te smal was. En nu het zo ver is, weet ik niet hoe ik er mee verder moet. Ik vind het te mooi om er niets mee te doen. Heeft iemand een idee wat ik er nu mee zou kunnen doen? Aan de linker en rechterzijde is bijna geen stof om mee verder te werken...

This is a tree in the fog. And I made it as a try-out. I did not realize that the background fabric was a bit too small. So now I don't know what to do with it next. I like this tree very much though.. Does anyone have an idea? How do I work with it, when there is almost no fabric left at the right and left side?

4 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

I'm wondering what the size it already...I might sit it on top of another piece of fabric that would widen the ends...could be contrasting color...unless you want to keep it dark...then blend and carry them together with the top stitching so they look like they are meant to be that way...does this make sense?
Just an idea. Will be curious to see how you make it evolve.

Nellie's Needles zei

Adding a larger layer to the underside would be my suggestion also. I'm looking forward to seeing your solution for this piece that's on its way to being wonderful.

Laurence zei

Gorgeous. I will be curious to see what you make with it.

jude zei

this happens to me all the time, i keep extending by adding pieces of fabric to the underside, like nellie suggested