25 maart 2008


Op diverse plaatsen zag ik mooie boekomslagen met fijn patchwork. Soms Japans, soms niet. Dat wilde ik ook graag een keer proberen. Het werd dit omslag voor een boek. En nu het af is, vind ik het toch niet echt mooi. Er is iets mis, maar wat? Volgende keer nog maar eens proberen en dan met andere kleuren of zo. Dit is het niet.

At several places I saw beautiful book covers with nice fine patchwork. Sometimes Japanese, sometimes not. I wanted to try it too. And this is the result. And now it is finished I don't really like it. Something is wrong, but what? Next time I will try it with different colours, or something. This is not what it is supposed to be.

2 opmerkingen:

Cestandrea zei

Hi Corryna! How nice to meet you and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. So I can come here and discover your's!
You make me smile with your remark that you don't like what you just produced:)
I think, it is a great piece of work and needs to be honoured.

Sometimes it makes a piece very unique and enhances its beauty, if you paint the whole thing over with diluted textile paint. It needs a bit of courage, at the beginning one is anxious to mess things up.
In this case, a colour like magenta would work or indigo, perhaps iridiscent. The dilution has to be very liquid with lots of water so not to cover the original colours too much..
But I like it as it is too, it is "sober".
Have a wonderful day

Lynn zei

Sometimes we judge outselves too harshly. I love Andrea's suggestion. I'd love to see if you try it.