25 november 2008

First Exquisite Corps Textile is home!

Linda Frear is the one who received her Exquisite Corps Textile home first. Al six members added a block. Mine is the bottom one on the left. You can read more on Linda's blog:
The others will come home soon. The last squares are being worked on. It is so exciting. Isn't it nice to see what happens if everyone has to fill in a square without knowing what the others did? And in the end you can not see what the original design is. It is a bit like unwrapping a gift. You know it is precious, but you don't know what work has been done. What a surprise it will be to receive my own design back, finished... Can't wait...

3 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

Your satin stitches are to die for!
So perfect and full.

This whole piece of work is exquisite. Love it all. How did this work? Was everyone given fabric and each told to make a square of the same size? Any other directions? Who puts the six squares together? and everyone gets six completed squares?

Call me curious. Maybe you already posted all this.

Emmy zei

heel erg mooi geworden en heel erg eluk om te doen

Anoniem zei

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