3 februari 2009

Experiment met Angelina

Sinds kort heb ik me aangemeld voor de yahoo-groep Studio Quilts-Goldilocks and Friends. Met een aantal anderen ga ik oefeningen doen uit het boek Fabric Art Workshop van Susan Stein. Dit boek had ik al een tijdje liggen, maar had het na een keer doorgelezen te hebben niet meer gepakt. En dat terwijl er veel oefeningen in staan van technieken die ik nog niet geprobeerd heb. En dat is de reden waarom ik me heb aangemeld. Ik vind het leuk om ze uit te proberen. Niet meteen met het idee om er meteen een quilt of zo van te maken, maar puur voor de oefening, zodat ik voor het uitwerken van mijn idee├źn meer manieren leer om het uit te kunnen voeren. Op de foto zie je een experiment met Angelina. Ik heb het in reepjes gesneden en daarna vastgestikt. Helaas kon ik het glinsterende effect van de Angelina niet op de foto vastleggen.

Recently I joined the Yahoo group Studio Quilts-Goldilocks and Friends. With some others I will work through the book Fabric Art Workshop by Susan Stein. I had this book for some time now, but after reading it once it stayed on the shelf. And that is pity, because Susan explains some nice techniques that I didn't try yet. And that is the reason that I wanted to join this Yahoo group. I like to try them out. I do not need to make a quilt or something, but just want to practice, so I will learn some more techniques that I can use when ever I need them. On the photo you can see an experiment with Angelina. I cut the Angelina in stripes and sewed them to the fabric. I couldn't capture the sparkling effect of the Angelina.

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MargaretR zei

I enjoyed my first visit to your blog and I love your Angelina work.

Lynn zei

I have this book by Susan Stein too Corryna. I actually got it and took it to her shop in Minnesota and had her sign it when I was there last summer. I also spoke to her again in December. Unfortunately she closed her shop in Janrary this year. However, her next book she said is due out in May. Keep an eye open for it. It's a how to book she said.

Great idea to do it as a group. Is this an open or closed group?
Wondering. Your piece came out well, I can imagine the glitter of the angelina fibers...perhaps looking like fire going up the ladders...Pretty. Very fall colors too.

Margarita Korioth zei

Love your angelina work. You inspire me to experiment with the angelina I have that haven't use it for a long time.

Steve Emery zei

I really like this! The feeling I get from the tree and ladder mixed together, the way the quilting lines up the rungs with the grids that remind me of tall elegant windows... And I like the dark stitching here and there around the edges, giving it an even more "in the trees" feeling. Beautiful color choices, too.

Linda Robertus zei

Leuk, zo'n groep! Ik heb dat boek ook maar heb nog lang niet alles eruit geprobeerd. Dit is erg mooi geworden!

Chyadesign zei

A really lovely outcome Corynna - I really like the colour combination and the design.
I have tried angelina but obviously not enough to tempt me - now I must have another go!!

Margeeth zei

Mooi geworden, aparte kleurencombinatie dat blauw met bruin.
Ik heb het boek ook en moet tot mijn schande bekennen dat ik er niet eens in gekeken heb.....

Genie zei

lovely work

Judy zei

your colors are wonderful, and your quilting is fabulous


Kayla coo zei

Thanks for your comment Corryna.
It's great to join groups and learn new techniques.
I have never tried Angelina before,it looks very interesting.