6 juni 2008

Iets anders: een kledingstuk

Met dit mooie weer had ik toch de behoefte aan een nieuw shirt. In de winkel kan ik bijna niets vinden en eerlijk gezegd heb ik ook niet zo veel tijd om te winkelen. Dus daarom heb ik gisteren zelf maar een shirt gemaakt. Geen (art) quiltwerkjes of zo dus, maar gewoon een kledingstuk.

It is lovely weather and I really needed a new shirt. In the stores I couldn't find anything and to be honest, I didn't have much time to shop. That is why I made a shirt yesterday. No (art)quilt or so, but just something to wear.

7 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

Very sharp shirt...quilt-like with black trim/border around sleeves and neckline. Sets off the fabric pattern/picture well. Attractive woman wearing it too. ;-)
Aren't you clever, no time to shop but whip it up on the sewing machine in no time at all?

Cestandrea zei

Hey, beautiful Corynna! :) I love this shirt!!!! Did you make the "patron" (I don't know the English word, in German in would be SCHNITT) yourself? I'd love to know where I could find it cause I love the shape of your shirt, and you sure did a great job here! You must be quick with the sewing machine and very patient too, getting all the details so nicely ! Have a wonderful day

corryna zei

Thank you Lynn and Cestandrea for your nice comments. I did not design the pattern, it was in a magazine called Knipmode from June 2008. If you'd like I can draw your size, so you can make one of your own. In that case, please send me your addresses, so I can send the cut pattern by snail mail to you.


Judy zei

Love your new shirt!!! Let me get this straight: you didn't have time to shop for a shirt, but you had time to sew one? LOL


Dizzymisslizzy zei

Great shirt Corryna! I'm jealous! I have seen some great designs at Walmart and I'm planning to buy some, so you can teach me how to do this ;-).

Lin Moon zei

I would love to know where you got that fabulous fabric with the Mucha woman on it- your shirt is great!

corryna zei

Thank you Judy. It is unbelievable isn't is? But during the day there are so many things I must do (working, children, cooking, cleaning) that I couldn't find the time to go to the stores and explore them all for a good shirt. I can search for hours :-). So this was the best option LOL

Dizzymisslizzy: I have the pattern. All you have to do is come here with the fabric you want and off we go :-)

Lin Moon: Thank you so much! I bought the fabric from a lady who sold it at Marktplaats.nl. It is a sort of Ebay(Dutch). Guess it would be difficult to find it again. I wouldn't know where to send you to get it. Sorry...