2 juni 2008


I am experimenting, because I want to make a quilt for Around the world in 20 quilts with the theme 'Trees'. Today I painted some fabric with procion MX to make my tree and I made the fabric you see above. I am not yet satified with it but I see it as a basefabric that needs more than paint. I will show pictures of this tree later on on the blog of Around the world in 20 quilts.

The fabric above is a print of some of the painted fabric (including the tree fabric that I did not show yet). Isn't it interesting? I did not painted on fabric with soda-ash. So I will let it be for a week or so and then soak it in soda-ash water. I hope it will be OK. Otherwise the next time I have to do it the other way around. Will be continued...

3 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

The colors here are nice, remind me of the beginning of the fall season. I have never created my own fabric. Lots to learn, lots to learn. Excited to be in the group.
I look forward to seeing this evolve.

Emmy zei

ziet er goed uit ben erg benieuwd naar het resultaat

Nellie's Needles zei

Lovely fabric! If you used fabric paint it should be alright without the soda ash. Ironing the fabric for about 5 minutes on as high a temperature as it will take will set your color. It also helps to wash it after the first heat setting to carry it a step further. And then iron it again.
Now, if you used dye to color that fabric the soda ash would be an important step that was missed.