4 januari 2009

Er groeit iets - Something's growing

Er groeit iets... Het is erg leuk om leven in mijn quilt te brengen.

Something is growing.... It is a lot of fun to give some life to my quilt.

4 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

Your art simply pops off the page, so beautifully!!! You are my inspiration and hope...
(but in a whole other league than me, but that's okay...I can simply appreciate you and what you do! And hopefully learn a few things along the way as well.)

Jacquelines blog zei

Je bent lekker op gang Corryna, vasthouden!!!! word fantastisch..

KathrynAntyr zei

Your quilt looks like a painting. How wonderful. It belongs in a storybook.

Judy zei

I'm captivated by those fabrics!