27 januari 2009

Tijd quilt detail - Detail time quilt

Hier is weer een detail van het werk voor de time quilt. Ik hoop dat ik op tijd zie hoe ik de losse stukjes op een goede manier kan combineren. Als dat niet lukt, dan zal ik een serie quilts moeten maken :-).

Here is an other detail of the work I am doing for the time quilt. I hope that I will see in time how to incorporate all the pieces. I hope they fit together in some way... And if not, I will have to make a series :-).

13 opmerkingen:

Linda zei

Your work is absolutely beautiful - this quilt has my 2 favourite colours.....just gorgeous!
Thankyou for your kind words...
Linda x

Jacquelines blog zei

Het wordt prachtig Corryna, ik ben heeeeeel benieuwd naar het geheel....

Beate Knappe zei

it looks gorgeous!

Barb zei

Beautiful - so much lovely detail!

Chyadesign zei

It is looking very exciting so far Corryna.

Lynn zei

I love watching you work...

Ati. Norway. zei

I love !! the structure in this piece, fabulous!

Laurence zei

Very beautiful quilting and colors.

Judy zei

Oh my Lord is that ever lovely!!! I enlarged it and really had a good look at it! It is spectacular!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.


Steve Emery zei

Wow - this is a great, original pattern of stitching. I really like it, and how it works with the dye pattern. Beautiful!

Leah zei

beautiful details!!

Lori Anderson Designs zei

Such awesome texture!!!

TracyB zei

I cannot wait to see this finished, the colors are gorgeous!!