24 januari 2009

Met kleine stapjes vooruit - Little steps forwards

The newest theme of the Dutch Bag Ladies is Time. Emmy handed us two fabrics, with a cold and a warm green. And now it is up to the group members to make something beautiful out of it. I like the fabrics. And now I am trying to get somewhere with it. I made several drawings, but nothing good has come up yet. I also made a big list with 'time'-words. Nothing has come out of that either. So I decided to start and see what happens. I hope time will tell :-)

As you can see, I am just experimenting.

And in the meanwhile I made an ATC. I dyed some fabric and stamped on it, with a handmade stamp (out of Linoleum). Ain't it funny? (Also see: http://corryna.blogspot.com/2008/03/stempels-gemaakt.html)

And I am still working on my Storm quilt. I started quilting it. I am a bit scared to mess it up with the quilting. But the next meeting, I want to show it to the group members, so I have to continue. And that is a good thing, because otherwise it would be an UFO, just because I am afraid of what will happen in this stage of the work. So I am taking little steps.

3 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

From the bottom up...your stitches are so beautifully done, there is no way you will mess up this beautiful piece. Relax, breathe and sew.

Your little card is funny and cute.

I am quite sure Time will Tell for you in wonderful ways. I love looking at your experiments. Is the red (circles) simply sewing thread or did you add a ribbon of some sort?

Lynn zei

PS and is the top photo dyed cheese cloth by any chance?

Emmy zei

This looks very lovely the collors of the felt en the very nice piecing of the fabric is lovely
I also like your card very much I can see you are feeling better
go for it