1 januari 2009

Machtige bomen - Mighty Trees

Vandaag heb ik gewerkt aan de bomen aan de linkerkant en ik heb een beetje gedaan aan de rechterkant. Op de één of de andere manier gaat de linkerkant goed en de rechterkant niet. Ook nu zit ik weer even vast. Morgen zal ik kijken welke volgende stap ik aan die kant kan zetten. Voordat ik de boom aan de rechterkant kan vastzetten moet de verf eerst twee dagen drogen. Daarna kan ik de boom mooier maken. Deze quilt is een creatieve tocht voor mij. Ik stap hiermee af van paden die ik ken om nieuwe dingen te proberen. En dat is ook precies wat ik zo leuk vind aan de art quilt groepen waar ik aan meedoe, zoals de Dutch Bag Ladies. Ze inspireren mij en laten me nadenken over manieren om iets op een andere manier te proberen, soms met nieuwe materialen.

Today I worked on the trees on the left and did a little on the right. Somehow the left side seems to go well and the right side doesn't. I am stuck now and will look at it tomorrow to see what to do next. The paint has to dry for two days and than I will attach the right tree to the background, so I can enhance it later on. This quilt is really a creative path for me. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and try new things. That is what I like about being in a art quilt group like the Dutch Bag Ladies. It inspires me and lets me think in a creative way and try to work things out in a new way with sometimes new materials.

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Lynn zei

Maybe the right side isn't "working for you" because you keep wanting to see trees. I see arm and hand and it works for me. The people are etheric looking/almost ghost like...I have a different feeling for this than You intend I think. But I like what I see.
Your painting is so GOOD!!!!
Enjoy your process. You are such an inspiration to me.
But your art is so superior.
I bow to you! ;-)

Steve Emery zei

I like the free forms and organic way this quilt is finding its way, and the way you are venturing outside your comfort zone.

I wonder if, as Lynn says, the tree on the right doesn't work as well for you because the lines are different from the ones on the left. The left has longer, thinner, more reaching sorts of lines, while the right seems thicker and more jointed. I thought of hands, too, as Lynn did. I'm curious to see where you take this - it's like a crossroads and you have to choose to go one way or another.

Dia zei

Oh, I like this! & as the others say, it will be interesting to see how it progresses.
I love the theme for the month - isn't creativity fostered by play?

I think with Creative Every day, they' post a place to comment (I was part of November's group) & you can link to a part of your blog (click on Machtige bomen - Mighty Trees" & you'll see that just that part comes up, then you would copy the address (rt click) as it appears in your browser window, & paste that in the little box for 'website' on 'mr Linky' . . . I hope that made sense!
I had to figure it out, too :) Blessings from Oregon, USA (rainy, recovering from record snow fall!)

Ellen zei

Corryna wat ik tot nu toe zie is prachtig,lekker doorwerken.Het resultaat gaan we zien op 15 januari.

Emmy zei

een heel erg mooi groei proces
het gaat erg goed

corryna zei

Thank you all for your comments. It feels good if others see it developing too.

Today I decided that the right side will be the sunny side. And the green thing will definitely be a tree. It has to be a tree, because that is what I designed. It will be ok and enhanced. The people you see are ghost like Lynn. They are part of the sad story behind the scenery. I will tell the story when the quilt is finished. The story also grows with the quilt.

ina zei

Volgens mij wordt jouw quilt prachtig - 15 januari komt steeds dichter bij - het gaat vast lukken.